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Burundi – Des questions ouvertes…

The following article is a guest blog by Luca Catalano Il est 14h02, le Mercredi 13 mai à Bujumbura. A travers son site web RFI lance le message: “communiqué du général Godefroid Niyombaré diffusé par la radio privée burundaise Isanganiro: Les forces vives de la nation décident de prendre en main la destinée de la … Continue reading


Am I a coup d’état? A checklist on Burundi’s May 13

With several hours into the night in Bujumbura, Burundi’s configuration of political and military power seems to remain highly unclear. The army is reported to have seized power in an act of emergency, declaring the ousting of incumbent President Nkurunziza as he met with fellow EAC heads of state on a special summit in Dar … Continue reading


Burundi: Key actors and speculative musings

Second day of mass rallies to protest CNDD-FDD’s Saturday announcement that incumbent president Nkurunziza will run the ruling party’s next presidential campaign. In various parts of the capital Bujumbura, a traditional opposition stronghold, crowds took to the streets calling for respect of the constitution. At the time writing, the situation has been opaque on the … Continue reading


Nkurunziza 2.0: Burundi sailing into rough sea.

(Edited twice, translation of ‘imbonerakure’ on 25 April and info on demonstrations on 26 April)  As expected by numerous Burundian and international observers, ruling CNDD-FDD has nominated incumbent president Pierre (‘Peter’) Nkurunziza as their presidential candidate for the upcoming June elections. A landslide win (sources report 93% to 100% of delegates’ votes) accompanied the official … Continue reading


Mathematiques Congolaises?

In 2008, Congolese writer In Koli Jean Bofane wrote a marvelous yet frightening novel on Kinshasa politics and the machinery of power in DRC. He follows protagonist Celio in his way from oscillating debroulliardeur to conspicious spin doctor involved in major media politics and spectacular coups in a pre-electoral Kinshasa that resembles to some part … Continue reading


Arithmetics of peacekeeping: MONUSCO’s mandate

As much an evergreen topic in the Congo than at Turtle Bay, the recurrent debate about peacekeeping in the DRC’s cycles of armed conflict will be reason for yet another high-level gathering in the UN Security Council on March 26, when a new MONUSCO resolution will most likely be decided after preceding consultations among troop-contributing … Continue reading


After UN-Kinshasa fallout, operations against FDLR begin in eastern DRC

(cross-published at African Arguments and modified/extended from IRIN, photo © Guy Oliver/IRIN) In early January 2015 joint operations between UN combat troops and Congolese soldiers against rebels who refused to disarm in eastern DRC were announced, repeatedly, as being imminent. The Congolese army – the FARDC – and MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) shared “a high level … Continue reading

Petite BArriere

Gouvernance à la frontière Goma – Gisenyi : A qui profite le désordre organisé?

Gouvernance à la frontière Goma – Gisenyi : A qui profite le désordre organisé? Par Blaise Muhire Introduction Entre 2010 et 2013, des efforts conjoints entre l’organisation International Alert avec l’appui du Gouvernement norvégien, à travers son Ministère des affaires étrangères et la Banque Mondiale en la collaboration avec le Gouvernement provincial du Nord-Kivu ont … Continue reading


“Playing for Change, Singing for Peace” – A music festival in eastern Congo

Guest post by Timo Mueller, a Goma-based researcher, photos and videos courtesy Amani Festival In a region beset by violence, a music festival is a rare feat. This past weekend, more than 35,000 visitors from the Great Lakes Region of Africa and beyond visited the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo to celebrate … Continue reading


Tracing the deadlock in dismantling FDLR

Imminent military operations against FDLR stir controversy in DRC On January 2nd, a six-months deadline set by regional political bodies SADC and ICGLR together with the Congolese government and MONUSCO for the self-demobilisation of the Forces Démocratiques pour la Libération du Rwanda (FDLR) run out. However, it did not trigger substantial results and the long-standing … Continue reading


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