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‘Conflict Minerals’ – An Open Letter

Over a few months, we have been working on de-mystifying the discourses on so-called “conflict minerals” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to constructively but critically assess the policy response these discourses have provoked so far. The outcome is a letter signed by 70 Congolese and international observers. In the following paragraphs, first published with … Continue reading


Trouble all over – where is Raia Mutomboki heading to?

Later this year, I am going to have a peer-reviewed article in the Annuaire des Grand Lacs, but the situation on the ground develops as quickly and unexpectedly that it asks for a current overview – in particular the set-up of this ‘franchise’ as Jason Stearns coined it, will already be outdated massively upon publication … Continue reading

GA Mapping III 7

Third and revised mapping of armed actors in eastern DRC

With a slight delay, a new version of the armed actors mapping has now been launched and can be found here & here respectively. At a first glance, it does not entail major changes, but a closer look shows how recent military operations (especially those involving MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade) have impacted on the region’s conflict landscape. … Continue reading


Annual Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) takes on its 9th edition

(written by Gaius Kowene, Goma-based freelance journalist and Timo Mueller, researcher in Goma; additional reporting and editing by Christoph Vogel, editor of The 9th edition of the Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) will take place in Goma, in the east of Congo from 4-13 July. SKIFF is a 10-day festival that regularly brings … Continue reading


MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade: un état des lieux

Roughly 16 months ago (in March 2013), the United Nations has strengthened its peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – MONUSCO – with a robust force to “neutralise armed groups”. In sequence to waves of criticism MONUSCO has experienced for its passive stance during the capture of Goma by M23 troops, the … Continue reading


Elections in Congo. Yes, but which, when, and how?

Amidst the publication of a (partial) electoral calendar by Abbé Malu-Malu, head of DRC’s Commission Nationale Eléctorale Indépendante (CENI), discussions over the country’s upcoming round of polls once more flared up. On this issue, Kris Berwouts and Manya Riche have provided a nice detailed backgrounder for African Arguments this week. In general, most of the … Continue reading

DR Congo 2009

Le massacre de Mutarule – Analyses préliminaires

(avec Josaphat Musamba Bussy) Représailles contre les voleurs des vaches, règlement des comptes, ou haine inter-ethnique ? La journée du 7 juin 2014, le territoire d’Uvira assiste à un massacre des congolais plus de 30 personnes, certains fusillés, mais la plupart hachées comme des bêtes sauvages, à des incendies des maisons alors qu’ils étaient en … Continue reading

Lake Kivu 2010

The FDLR demobilisation gamble reloaded

With apologies for intermittent posting over these months, a few musings on the current FDLR situation with demobilisation ceremonies happening in both Kivu provinces. On 30 May and 9 June, respectively, FDLR organised the demobilisation of a larger number of combatants in Kateku/Buleusa (Walikale territory, North Kivu) and Kitogo (Mwenga territory, South Kivu). The locations roughly … Continue reading


Le Burundi en crise ? Réflexions partantes des rumeurs ‘imbonerakure’

(édité depuis version originale anonyme – toute opinion appartient à l’auteur) Le 08 avril 2013, la presse burundaise et internationale s’émeut à la suite d’un câble confidentiel que le Représentant du Secrétaire Général des Nations-Unies, Parfait Onanga Anyanga, a envoyé à New York. Le message est destiné au Secrétaire Général adjoint Jeffrey Feltman avec copie … Continue reading


Seeking Justice in DR Congo’s Conflict: Can War-Crimes Trials Overcome Violence and Build the Rule of Law?

This is a guest post by Milli Lake, cross-published with African Arguments. Milli is a final year PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has done extensive fieldwork in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other places. (© Text and Picture remains with Milli Lake)  On 20th November, … Continue reading


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