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Amani Itakuya, the second: Why an essay series on peace in the Great Lakes?

Amani Itakuya, the second: Why an essay series on peace in the Great Lakes? Christoph Vogel and Sekombi Katondolo One and a half years ago, the first Amani Itakuya series featured twenty-five diverse essays around topics as widely spread as disarmament, security sector reform, analyses of particular local conflicts and militias, justice, diplomacy, reconciliation, post-colonial … Continue reading


Term limits in central Africa: utility or artifact?

There is significant talk going on this year about presidential term limits, in particular around the approaching poll seasons in DRC, Congo-Brazzaville, Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda. All five countries prescribe universal and direct elections. While Uganda is the only state without clearcut term limits, it has five-year terms like Burundi and DRC. Congo-Brazzaville and Rwanda have seven-year terms. Here is … Continue reading

Is DDR an epitome of international failure in the Congo?

Last week, another inglorious incident in the Kotakoli reintegration camp stressed earlier question marks on the current state of Congo’s most recent demobilisation programme dubbed DDR3 (the third general national DDR programme since the official end of the war in 2004). Kotakoli, a military base not far from Gbadolite, home town to former president Mobutu, … Continue reading


« Cette opération va échouer, ce n’est ni la première ni la dernière »

(This is an anonymous guest post) Six mois passés, la Monusco avait annoncé dans les médias que, pourvue du mandant et de la résolution 2098, lui enjoignant de mettre fin à des groupes armés qu’ils soient nationaux ou étranger, avait fait des annonce d’une éventuelle traque contre les FDLR au cas où ceux-ci ne se … Continue reading


Burundi: after the coup attempt

This following article is a guest post by Gudrun Sif Fridriksdottir A month ago, on the 25th April the CNDD-FDD, the ruling party in Burundi, announced its presidential candidate for the upcoming elections scheduled for June 26. To nobody’s surprise the candidate was Pierre Nkurunziza, the current President who has already served for two terms. … Continue reading


Burundi today, or why people take to Bujumbura’s streets

The following article is a guest post by Dirk Gillebert Every day, new reports on Burundi come in. What is happening in the capital, what is the government doing, and what is the international community saying about it? Sometimes, we get a heart-breaking story from the refugee camps in Rwanda and Tanzania (for instance about … Continue reading


Burundi – Des questions ouvertes…

The following article is a guest blog by Luca Catalano Il est 14h02, le Mercredi 13 mai à Bujumbura. A travers son site web RFI lance le message: “communiqué du général Godefroid Niyombaré diffusé par la radio privée burundaise Isanganiro: Les forces vives de la nation décident de prendre en main la destinée de la … Continue reading


Am I a coup d’état? A checklist on Burundi’s May 13

With several hours into the night in Bujumbura, Burundi’s configuration of political and military power seems to remain highly unclear. The army is reported to have seized power in an act of emergency, declaring the ousting of incumbent President Nkurunziza as he met with fellow EAC heads of state on a special summit in Dar … Continue reading


Burundi: Key actors and speculative musings

Second day of mass rallies to protest CNDD-FDD’s Saturday announcement that incumbent president Nkurunziza will run the ruling party’s next presidential campaign. In various parts of the capital Bujumbura, a traditional opposition stronghold, crowds took to the streets calling for respect of the constitution. At the time writing, the situation has been opaque on the … Continue reading


Nkurunziza 2.0: Burundi sailing into rough sea.

(Edited twice, translation of ‘imbonerakure’ on 25 April and info on demonstrations on 26 April)  As expected by numerous Burundian and international observers, ruling CNDD-FDD has nominated incumbent president Pierre (‘Peter’) Nkurunziza as their presidential candidate for the upcoming June elections. A landslide win (sources report 93% to 100% of delegates’ votes) accompanied the official … Continue reading


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