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Arithmetics of peacekeeping: MONUSCO’s mandate

As much an evergreen topic in the Congo than at Turtle Bay, the recurrent debate about peacekeeping in the DRC’s cycles of armed conflict will be reason for yet another high-level gathering in the UN Security Council on March 26, when a new MONUSCO resolution will most likely be decided after preceding consultations among troop-contributing … Continue reading


After UN-Kinshasa fallout, operations against FDLR begin in eastern DRC

(cross-published at African Arguments and modified/extended from IRIN, photo © Guy Oliver/IRIN) In early January 2015 joint operations between UN combat troops and Congolese soldiers against rebels who refused to disarm in eastern DRC were announced, repeatedly, as being imminent. The Congolese army – the FARDC – and MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) shared “a high level … Continue reading

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Gouvernance à la frontière Goma – Gisenyi : A qui profite le désordre organisé?

Gouvernance à la frontière Goma – Gisenyi : A qui profite le désordre organisé? Par Blaise Muhire Introduction Entre 2010 et 2013, des efforts conjoints entre l’organisation International Alert avec l’appui du Gouvernement norvégien, à travers son Ministère des affaires étrangères et la Banque Mondiale en la collaboration avec le Gouvernement provincial du Nord-Kivu ont … Continue reading


“Playing for Change, Singing for Peace” – A music festival in eastern Congo

(Guest post by Timo Mueller, a Goma-based researcher, photos and videos courtesy Amani Festival) In a region beset by violence, a music festival is a rare feat. This past weekend, more than 35,000 visitors from the Great Lakes Region of Africa and beyond visited the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo to celebrate … Continue reading


Tracing the deadlock in dismantling FDLR

Imminent military operations against FDLR stir controversy in DRC On January 2nd, a six-months deadline set by regional political bodies SADC and ICGLR together with the Congolese government and MONUSCO for the self-demobilisation of the Forces Démocratiques pour la Libération du Rwanda (FDLR) run out. However, it did not trigger substantial results and the long-standing … Continue reading


A Chameleon army? Coherence, performance, discipline in Congo’s FARDC

Today, the New York Times Magazine published an online photo series of the late Sergeant Madot, a female FARDC member, one of the few holding an officer grade in the Congolese military’s elite units. Accompanying the great picture essay of Michael Christopher Brown, a photographer who spent considerably time in Eastern Congo lately, the magazine’s … Continue reading

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Rift Valley Institute Field Courses 2015

Having worked for the Rift Valley Institute’s Usalama Project as a Fellow in 2013, I am happy to share their announcement of this year’s field courses, covering three key areas of political competition and violent conflict in East and Central Africa. While my own little experience is limited to the Great Lakes only, it can … Continue reading


Amidst impending FDLR operations, insecurity is on the rise in North Kivu

It has been over two weeks ago, the concrete announcement of anti-FDLR operations by the Congolese army FARDC (with a still unclear role as to MONUSCO support) has raised waves of media comments, fears, and expectations. In the slipstream of this announcement, a number of difficulties seem to delay the actual start of the offensive and … Continue reading


Quelques ingrédients du succès d’Amani (Festival)

(par Jean-Benoît Falisse, outreach and communications manager du Festival Amani 2015) Il y a différentes façons de répondre à la question “quelle est la plus importante ressource de la République Démocratique du Congo?” Pour la plupart des observateurs, c’est sans aucun doute ses riches ressources naturelles : cuivre, cobalt, diamant, or, coltan et ‘three Ts’ (étain, … Continue reading


Who is going after FDLR and who not?

It has been roughly four weeks after a six-month ultimatum for Rwandan FDLR rebels to voluntarily disarm expired, until – on Thursday 29th January – military operations against the group were announced. In the slipstream of the visit of DRC’s army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Etumba, concrete announcements were made that FARDC will head … Continue reading


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