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    Our mapping project has teamed up with the new Congo Research Group, based at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation. From the October 2015 version onwards, maps feature a newly developed methodology with several rounds of peer-review.


    Winter 2015

    (download the high-resolution mapping incl. essay here)

    CRG Mapping Final


    Notes on the below, older mapping exercises:

    The indicated areas represent zones of influence, not necessarily full control, for the indicated snapshots, i.e. points of time (click on the respective maps to see in full size). Changes in the subsequent maps reflect either changes on the ground or (for the time being) refinements relating to improved information. This exercise does not entail any claim of full accuracy and merely represents an approximate assessment of the situation with uncertainty and potential errors always remaining.

    Winter 2014

    GA Mapping IV 3

    Summer 2014

    GA Mapping III 7

    Winter 2013

    GA Mapping II 5 copy

    Summer 2013

    GA Mapping 16 copy

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